Sunday, May 3, 2009

*Is it lunacy or sanity? I suppose it depends on which way you

Is it lunacy or sanity? I suppose it depends on which way you look, eh?!?
This past week I've been transplanting blueberries, rhubarb, herbs, and flowers from old house to new. Just as I was feeling silly about all this effort to move a garden, a worker from the neighboring house stopped by and raved about how pretty it was... His enthusiastic comment helped me to see anew how worthwhile this seeming craziness of mine is.
On my way back I popped into the local store to buy gas and groceries -- thought I should give convenience a chance. Though shelves weren't as crammed as you'd find at a regular store, I was surprised to see they have a good selection of local coffees and regional wines and prices on everything weren't as jacked up as you'd expect to see. The young man at the checkout was friendly and well-mannered, could speak rather than grunt, which added to the overall pleasantness of experience. Driving the distance back to here, the old place, I got carried away by the notion that I probably wouldn't have to go into town ever again if I didn't want to! Especially if I continue on with working daily towards my incredible, edible Eden...
(So the lunacy continues...)

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