Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Are you feeling the effects of the recession?"

Looking for a little more interaction than this blog can provide, I recently tried out an online forum and the above question was posed. Cutting and clipping from follow-up posts there, here's more:

"With the shakey situation of employment these days we should all be talking and making plans for how we will cope and reduce our spending before jobs are altered or cut. That way we feel more in control of the situation and less powerless if (and when) the axe does fall.

None of these things would cause us any great hardship when all said and done. We could do much more before hardship would start to pinch. Actually just writing this tonight makes me realise there is no good reason not to start doing many of these things right now. We'd still be happy and fulfilled and probably even more so! I don't see any reason why comfort and joy cannot be synonymous with living even more simply and's all about the balance, and finding it for ourselves - in our own situation."

Very thought provoking, isn't it?!

Trying to come up with a related question to post to start a discussion here as well, and I suppose it could simply be this:

"What small things can we be doing today to ensure a more secure tomorrow?" (And with that, how do we go about about staying within happy balance, making sure not to exclude both comfort & joy?)

Feel free to comment.

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