Thursday, May 7, 2009

Taking a look back:

Here I am three years ago, working to replace our failed sewerline which ran through the middle of our garden. This tragedy, combined with other signs, was the final straw for my little garden biz. So, I decided it was a strong indication to step back and take another path. A long-term break from trying so hard to please others and relying on situations outside myself. Time to try and put my silly pride away and focus instead on quietly practicing some gratefulness and frugality to see how far these could take me with what can be freely done from home. Not perfect at all in this, mind you; there always is much room for improvement and a ways to go -- but that's what can keep it fun.

In my attempts on our 1/10 acre in town, there have been many failures and successes . Fortunately, success (or mostly failure redefined!) always out-weighed the rest.

When anxiety and doubt creep in and create a sort of unsettling impatience, we often need to remember that a relaxed pace -- slow and steady -- wins the race in the end.

Like the sewer-line work, we can get some major things done if we do them inch by inch -- and then time will pass, things grow in thick and tall, other distractions befall, until we fairly nearly forget what came before...

So it is good to pause every once in awhile and take a look back and see how far we'e come. This blog was meant to help with that and with getting things done. Not quite sure how that all worked! Mostly I've just enjoyed your company in the comments because it helped to keep from feeling so all alone on this odd little path. So many thanks to each of you!

Despite my fears of falling to the abyss, will be taking a break now, unplugging, and immersing myself in all things offline. That's the next test. To see if that is even possible. As Nature is out there calling my name!

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  1. I remember that post from long ago, so good to see you still at it!